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Snap Action Switch
Advantage of Micro Switch 250V 10A
1)VDE, CB, CQC Approvals
2) Safe, reliable miniature switch
3)  Nice appearance, tight configuration, characteristic: small contact gap, quick action, high sensitivity and small operating travel
4)  Long life ,high reliability
5)  A variety of contact terminals
6) A variety of levers
7) Adopt thermosetting plastic or thermoplastic
Contact Form Diagram of Micro Switch 250V 10A

Terminal Types of Micro Switch 250V 10A

Dimensions and Operating Characteristics of Micro Switch 250V 10A

Apply to microwave oven, air condition, electric cooker, dishwasher, cleaner, humidifier, water heater, electric drill, electric radiator, joystick, TV game, time recorder, solder gun, mixer, food processor, juice maker, alarm, mixer, shredder machine, etc
Packing and delivery details

For small amount, can arrange by DHL, FEDEX, TNT Express.
For large amount, can choose shipment by sea or by air.
1. How do you control the products' quality?
100% auto inspection machine and manual testing together before packing.
2. What's your payment term?
We usually accept T/T.
Samples cost can be paied by Paypal and Western Union.
3. Would you accept to use our logo?
If you have good quantity, we can make OEM and ODM, customized specification.
4. Can i get a sample for reference?
We are glad to send samples for your testing. Sample are free, but you may need to pay the express cost.
5.What is your delivery time?
Usually it takes 15-20 working days for 16A Micro Switch


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