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10 Inch Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker 1033
MOQ: 300 Pieces.
Supply Ability: 15000 Pieces Per Month
Payment Tern: T/T, L/C
Port: Shenzhen, Guangzhou
Delivery Time: Shipped in 30 days after payment
Style: Powered pa speakers, DJ speakers
10 Inch Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker 1033 for outdoor party and and meeting
Powered DJ speakers Features
1.Portable Bluetooth speaker with 90W output.
2.With Colorful spotlights on the top, twinkle at night, suitable for outdoor party.
3.With Bluetooth Function.
4.With USB and SD card supporting.
5.With FM radio.
6.With Line-in function, suitable for PC, MID, TV and other audio device.
7.With strap, easy to take out. And also have wheels at the bottom of the speaker for move.
Pictures of Powered DJ speakers
SunStart Audio Limited was established in 2000 and has many years of experience in manufacturing and exporting Trolley Speaker, Stage Speaker, Loudspeaker, Karaoke Speaker, Professional Amplifier, home cinema system, wireless microphone system and other electronic products. We are able to satisfy customer's changing demands efficiently. OEM/ODM service is available.
And in order to satisfy all the needs for customers, we develop a group of professional engineers who have the ability to create what customers need. Meanwhile, all of our product have attained CE, ROHS, FCC and related certificates approval. We have a full set of testing equipment for products' functions to ensure reliable quality.wireless party speaker factory


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