Shaft Made in China

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◆Our History
Dalian Hongya pump industry Co., Ltd, established in 2000, are dedicated in providing one step solution for pump application on various industry, we started as a small manufacturer and provider of offering after market service for pump on site, with 18 years development, we have been one of the most reliable cooperator to offer our complete services in industry such as:  Oil gas, Hydrocarbon processing, Pulp and Paper, Power generation, water treatment, corn deep-processing etc.
◆Our Factory
Dalian Hongya is in Dalian city, China, we have full line of facilities to manufacture complete pump and pump parts, our goal is to become a global manufacture base to provide world- class products as world well-know company, Sulzer Ahlstrom APP NPP WPP ZPP series, Hermetic, Goulds, Durco, Andritz etc. Hongya is to creat added value for customers around the world.
◆Our Product
1. ANSI pumps
2. API 610 pumps
3. ISO 2858 pumps
4. Magnetic drive pump
5. Replacement parts for Sulzer Ahlstrom APP NPP WPP etc.
6. self-priming centrifugals
Our Airtight series pump have the equivalent performance as first world-class pump manufacturer, and our very competitive pricing will give our clients a best solution. Our products have been verified by Nine dragon paper, Asia symbol paper.
◆Product Application
We serve the industries of petroleum, paper & pulp, steel & sugar processing, food processing, and chemical process. We can manufature and provide repalcement parts and equivalent bare pump for Sulzer ahlstrom APP APT NPP NPT WPP WPT A ASP, which including all line of replacement parts such as volute caing, impeller, case cover, sideplate (wearplate), shaft, bearing unit, bearing housing, static seal, dynamic seal, gland packing seal, mechanical seal, repair kits. Besides Sulzer ahlstrom, we also can provide magnetic drive pump as Hermetic pump performancing.
◆Our Certificate
Our quality management have been stipulated by ISO9001, our inside stringent qulaity control system is a very reliable guarantee for us to offer series of top quality pump.
◆Production Equipment
We have our own capacity of manufacturing bare pump and pump pars, including from foundry to machining, and the most advanced manufacturing facilities available can let us to offer various OEM service for our clients, we can provide any customized parts by processing client's drawings.
◆Production Market
Our current customers are from both domestic and overseas market, we are getting monthly orders of Ahlstrom APP replacement parts from China Nine dragon paper mill, it is the biggest paper mill in china and top 3 all over world, Besides Nine dragon, we are also offering our serves to Asia symbol and Sun paper.
Overseas sales market: North America, Germany, Portugal, South Africa, Chile, Vietnam, Mexico.
◆Our service
When ordering, please indicate such details parameters as capacity, head, liquid, temperature, density, viscosity, pressure in suction and discharge etc. for us to select the right typr for you, besides our existing modelm, we also can provide customized pump according to the drawings or samples from our customers, all pump test report will be granted third party, China quality supervision bureau. About repalcement parts for Ahlstrom APP APP ASP A NPP NPT WPP WPT NPP NPT, we need part's item code only.Shaft Made in China


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