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Our History  
Our company is a professional company of operating car seat cover and other car accessory import and export.
The company was established in March, 2011. At first, our main products were car seat covers which were only made from Pu leather or flax. And there were only ten staff and no one was professional at that time in our company.
But with time going by, there is around fifty staff now. And our boss, Mr. Jin, has been devoting himself to develop and create the products all these years. Besides, there is a professional team now in our company under the lead of Mr. Jin. So now our products can be made from various kinds of materials. And there are more and more different products in our company, such as car lumbar support cushions and car neck support headrests.
Our Factory
The factory is located in the Gear Park in Ruo Heng Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, which is close to Shenhai Expressway (G15).
Our Product
Our company produces and operates car seat covers, car lumbar support cushions and car neck support headrests which are made from many different materials, such as Pu leather, super sensitive leather, imported rosewood, ice cotton, flax and so on.
Product Application
Car, home and office.
Our Certificate
There are two utility model patents and more than ten industrial design patents. Besides, we are applying for an invention patent.
Production Equipment
We have full-automatic laser cutters and digital cutters.
Production Market
We have 25 provincial agents at home. And our products are sold to the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia and other foreign countries as Memory Foam Car Lumbar


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